Ice maker


ECG ICM 1253 Iceman

Ice maker

  • Up to 12 kg of ice in a single day
  • Choice between 2 ice cube sizes
  • Compact and easily portable design
  • It is suitable for home and professional operation
  • Elegant stainless-steel design


Pleasant refreshment on hot days

The compact ice maker ECG ICM 1253 Iceman appeared in the world to make hot summer days a little more bearable and pleasant for you. This handy gadget can make ice cubes with ease of a magic wand; you can then use them to improve you favourite drink. In addition, the device stands out with its nicely crafted stainless-steel design

Choose the ice cube size

Our ice maker manages to make ice cubes in two variants. Therefore, you can simply adjust their size to the shape of the glass or type of beverage you are serving. You can easily remove the ice cubes from the ice maker using a practical scoop, which is included in our package. This device can produce 9 ice cubes in one cycle. It uses its own compressor with ecological refrigerant (R600a, 23 g); you will certainly appreciate its very quiet operation (its noise level is of a maximum 47 dB). The power for the ice maker is supplied from a classic electrical socket and the length of the power cable is 1.5 meters.

Surprisingly efficient

ECG ICM 1253 Iceman will help you to make up to 12 kg of ice per day. You can regularly give pleasant refreshment on hot summer days not only to the whole family, but also to more numerous visitors. Thanks to the intuitive controls absolutely anyone can handle the handy device. The inlet tank of our ice maker can hold up to 1.9 litres of water, the capacity of the ready ice bucket is then 0.7 litres. The built-in indicators are also practical, alerting you if there is a lack of water in the appliance or if the ice bucket is full.