Electric oven



Electric oven

  • Oven with a capacity of 35 liters
  • 2 electric hotplates
  • Security door with double glass
  • Compact design
  • Sheet and grate included in the package
  • 3-phase door opening

Baking and cooking without a kitchen

Small apartment, cottage, office, shop, or student dormitory. All these are places where the tabletop oven with electric hotplates ECG ETH 3501B can serve you well. It is a compact appliance that allows you to cook, fry, or bake even where you do not have access to a traditional kitchen. Simply place it on the table and connect it to a standard socket using a 90 cm long cable - once you do so, you can use the oven with a capacity of 35 liters and a power of 1400 W, plus 2 electric hotplates with 3 levels of settings (diameter 180 mm and 145 mm, power 1500 W and 1000 W).  Additionally, it is useful that the appliance allows the use of the oven and one of the hotplates simultaneously. The oven in this variant is designed in an elegant black design, and its dimensions are 41.6 × 50.5 × 33.05 cm. It is therefore a practical appliance that allows you to prepare great meals in any environment.

All the important functions

With this tabletop oven, you can easily prepare a wide range of dishes. You'll effortlessly handle the operation thanks to 4 simple controls. You can adjust the oven temperature ranging from 90 to 250°C, which is the ideal temperature for home baked pizza. And you'll certainly appreciate the option to use functions such as small grill, intensive baking, and baking at low temperatures. To start using the oven right after unpacking, you'll also receive a grill, a round (34.5x5cm) and a square baking sheet (37x33.6x3.3cm).

Quality and practical design

The tabletop oven with hotplates ECG ETH 3501B will please you with its high-quality glossy black metal design. The interior space is galvanized. The oven doors are equipped with double glass and three-phase opening for safer and more convenient handling. And there is also integrated lighting inside the oven, providing you with a great view of the dishes being prepared. Regular cleaning will contribute to extending the appliance's lifespan.