Laundry dryer

ECG ETF 1270 DA++

Laundry dryer

  • Heat pump dryer
  • 15 programs
  • Load Capacity: 7 kg
  • Energy efficiency: A++

Modern and efficient dryer

The free-standing condensating tumble dryer ECG ETF 1270 DA++ impresses with a wide range of programs, intuitive controls and energy efficiency. This dryer is made in a modern and pleasant design, thanks to which it fits perfectly into your bathroom or laundry room.

The illuminated galvanized steel drum with a volume of 100 litres holds up to 7 kilograms of laundry, therefore the dryer is suitable for average size families. Its door can be opened to an angle of 170°, which guarantees comfortable handling of laundry.

Rich offer of programs

The ECG ETF 1270 DA++ dryer is equipped with 15 programs, among which you can find easily an ideal program for any type of laundry. In addition to classic programs, such as cotton, synthetics or linen mix, it also offers programs designed for specific types of clothing. These include a program for baby clothes, quick drying (45 minutes), sportswear, jeans and shirts.

The dryer adjusts the temperature and the movements of the drum to the laundry so that it is taken care of with maximum care and efficiency.

Dryer setting

You can entrust the drying degree to the ECG ETF 1270 DA ++ dryer or simply adapt it to your needs. You can select from several drying levels– dry for the closet, dry for ironing or extra dry for the closet. So if you don't like spending time with the iron, all you have to do is choose the selected degree of drying and the special anti-crease system will make sure that the laundry is as little crumpled as possible.

You don’t have to be afraid of insufficient drying, the dryer has a moisture sensor that guarantees the best results while it prevents excessively long drying. This saves both garments and energy consumption.

Comfortable control

The control of the ECG ETF 1270 DA++ dryer is extremely simple thanks to the rotary knob and clear LED display. Turn the knob and select the optimal program within a moment and if you want to adjust it, use the display for easy setting. You will then see there the time of drying, so you will have perfect information about the length of the program. Naturally, there is also the option of delayed start.

The dryer is equipped with practical functions that make for very easy maintenance. If you do not connect it directly to the drain, you will appreciate the signaling of the full water tank. Filter purity signaling will inform you about the need to clean the filter, so it will not happen that the dryer will drop performance due to a clogged filter.


The condensing dryer ECG ETF 1270 DA++ falls into energy-saving class A++ and consumes only 211 kWh/year, so it does not weigh heavily on your wallet.

The drying sensor is significantly contributing to energy saving, since it can detect moisture rate in the laundry and then shorten the drying program if necessary.

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