Espresso machine

ECG ESP 20501 Iron

Espresso machine

  • Professional pressure pump 20 bar
  • Boiler heating method
  • Swivel nozzle for steam / hot water dispensing
  • SLIM design


Excellent espresso like from a cafe

You no longer have to leave the warmth of home for good coffee. You can easily prepare it yourself. Are you one of the real coffee lovers and you can't imagine the morning and even all day without it? Reach for a good quality coffee machine that can match the performance of profgessional machines.

We are introducing lever coffee machine ECG ESP 20501 Iron. Real gourmets will appreciate it, those, who do not want to just press a button and wait for what will flow. The ECG lever coffee machine is intended for coffee lovers who want to participate in the entire process of its preparation and for whom this process is a real ritual.

Easy operation and quick preparation

Modern and timeless stainless-steel design perfectly complements the intuitive controls at the top of the machine. Use the backlit electronic buttons to turn it on / off, easily set the number of servings (1 or 2 cups) or activate steam. Turn the rotary selector located on the side to switch on steam or hot water. All this is perfectly complemented by a light blue bar, which informs you about the operation.

However, appearance is not all. Professional pressure pump with a respectable pressure up to 20 bars is hidden under the hood of the coffee machine. So you can be sure that the coffee will be exactly the way it suits you. And you don't have to enjoy it by yourself.

The coffee machine is equipped with an extra large removable water container with a volume of 1.25 litres. You can easily treat a larger number of visitors with coffee. And as a bonus, you can prepare two cups of coffee in the same time.

From americano to cappuccino

You don't always feel like a classic espresso. You or your loved ones sometimes get a taste for another coffee drink as well. Even in this case, the ECG lever coffee machine will not leave you stranded. It also includes rotating steam nozzle designed for frothing milk. There is nothing stopping you from making a cappuccino or your favorite latte.

And what else can you prepare conveniently at home beside an espresso? Using the ECG ESP 20501 Iron lever coffee machine, you can easily handle a lot of coffee delicacies such as americano, cappuccino, ristretto or latte macchiato. Enjoy your coffee!

Filter for Nespresso capsules

However, the ECG coffee maker can handle much more. It has a quick pre-brewing function and you will also find a special space for heating the cups. A contact with the cold parts of a cup or glass could negatively affect the taste of coffee.

Filter for E.S.E. capsules is also included in the package - Easy Serving Espresso. You will certainly appreciate the compatibility with the Nespresso capsules. You will also find a stainless steel filter for this type of capsule among the accessories, which further expands the use of the device and allows you to make an even larger and more varied amount of coffee and its variations.