Electric table grill

ECG EG 2011 Dual XL

Electric table grill

  • Large XXL grill area (48 x 32 cm)
  • Dual grill plate – flat / profiled
  • Non-stick grilling surfaces for healthy grilling without fat
  • Lightweight and easily portable


Grill in any weather

The wonderful aroma of grilled meat or vegetables can really give a person a boost. Thanks to the ECG EG 2011 Dual XL electric grill you can treat yourself to your favourite delicacies even during the winter months. In addition, the ECG grill boasts an extra-large grill area measuring 48 × 32 cm. You can cook lunch there for the whole family and treats for the visitors.

You have a grilling area divided into ribbed and smooth part. You can prepare dishes of different kinds simultaneously. The ribbed one is ideal for preparing juicy steaks or vegetables. You can make fried eggs on the smooth one. In the case of the ECG grill, there are definitely no limits to your imagination.

You can easily adjust the heating intensity with the rotary thermostat. You can use 5 power levels, during which the temperature ranges from 80 to 250 °C.

Very easy cleaning

Thermally insulated handle ensures safe handling of the grill. In addition, the ECG EG 2011 Dual XL grill is also equipped with a practical operation indicator, so you will always know when it is heated. The combination of these two elements prevents possible burns.

You will also be extremely satisfied with the overall maintenance of the grill. Food residues do not stick to the specially treated non-stick surface and are also very easy to clean. Of course, there is also the removable tray for the draining of grease and fat, which you can just wash under running hot water.