• Energy efficiency class: D
  • 6 programs
  • 14 sets of plates
  • Water consumption: 10 l


Powerful and economical at the same time

The ECG EDF 6066 QXD free standing dishwasher belongs among the class of dishwashers with standard width of 60 cm. This model is ready to wash up to 14 dining sets, which is very convenient for family celebrations or other large events.

Its water consumption is not high. It needs 10 litres to wash your dishes. Thanks to energy class D, it is one of the most economical appliances, which you will definitely appreciate when paying for electricity.

Varied selection of programs

The dishwasher offers 6 programs, which will certainly cover all the needs of perfect washing of your dishes. For example, the Intensive program gets rid of dried food residues, Light washing program is suitable for more delicate dishes, sensitive to high temperatures. The Quick program is used for lightly soiled dishes that do not need to be dried. You can also use Eco, 60 minutes and Rinse.

Sophisticated drawers

The ECG EDF 6066 QXD dishwasher has very sophisticated drawers. The cutlery drawer is telescopically adjustable. The back of the bottom drawer has folding pins. In the upper drawer, these folding pins are even in the entire drawer. There are also two removable ½ holders for glasses, cups or wine glasses located on the left. Easy Fold Function allows easy adjustment of the height of the filled upper basket.

Set start

Don't want to turn on the dishwasher right now, but need to move the wash up to a more convenient time? That’s no problem. The Delayed start function will take care of that. With it, you can plan to turn on the dishwasher up to 24 hours later, even during your absence from the apartment. The dishwasher is equipped with a special flooding protection system. The Aquastop function ensures that the water supply to the appliance automatically stops in the event of a malfunction or flooding.

Carefree dishwashing

Operating the dishwasher is very simple. A clear LED display where you can see all you need will help you with your choice. It is not always possible to accumulate enough dishes to fill the entire dishwasher. Dual zone wash (half load) is an additional function of the dishwasher, which allows a full wash for half the amount of dishes.

Whether you have a completely or only partially filled dishwasher, two washing arms and an overhead rotary shower will ensure perfectly clean dishes. This model also uses a water softener or a 3-in-1 tablet function. In addition, it has a child lock, so you can be sure that the dishwasher is safe from your children and vice versa.