Soap dispenser


ECG BD 351 Foam

Soap dispenser

  • Touch-free operation minimizing the spread of bacteria
  • 2 different dose volume settings
  • "Anti Drip" function
  • IPX 4 waterproof

Minimize bacterial spread

The ECG BD 351 Foam non-contact soap dispenser fits perfectly into any modern household, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen. The non-contact use of the dispenser minimizes the spread of bacteria, which will be appreciated especially by families with children. The infrared sensor takes care of starting the dispenser at the right moment and the automatic dosing system perfectly measures the dose of liquid soap. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from two dose sizes, 0.7 g or 1.4 g.

The device has an extra large container and can hold up to 350 ml of liquid soap. So it will last you long enough and its topping up is very simple. We recommend using viscous liquid soap diluted in a ratio of 1 (soap): 2–6 (water).

Colour information indicators

The ECG BD 351 Foam dispenser is also equipped with practical light indicators, so that you will always be informed about the current setting. The blue light indicates that the dose is switched on and at the same time its setting to approx. 0.7 g. White means that you have set the dose to 1.4 g. Red indicates that it is switched off and also warns you of a low battery.

It does not drip and is waterproof

You will appreciate the popular Anti Drip function, which prevents unplanned dripping. You will get rid of unwanted smudges on the sink left by other similar dispensing systems. Also, the advantage of the ECG dispenser is its waterproofing IPX 4, so that you can be sure that it withstands water splashing.

The package includes a practical set for wall mounting. So you can choose where to place the dispenser. It is powered by 3× 1,5V AA batteries (not included).

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