Air purifier


ECG AP3 Pure Comfort

Air purifier

  • Purifies the air in rooms from 25 to 43 m²
  • Thanks to UV light, it also removes bacteria and molds
  • Ionizer to eliminate dust swirl
  • Top filtration with HEPA filter H13 and active carbon
  • 4 speeds, timer and night mode


For better breathing at home

A home in which one can breathe well is the basis of every happy life. And that is exactly why the ECG AP3 Pure Comfort – modern air purifier is here that will ensure a clean and healthy air at home for you. It does so using a fan with four speeds, which together with advanced filtration captures even very fine dust particles. In addition, the purifier uses UV light, which can handle bacteria, viruses, moulds and other organic pollutants. And on top of it, the air quality is further improved by the integrated ionizer, which eliminates unpleasant dust swirl.

The purifier is intended for use in a room with an area of 25–43 m².

Even tiny dust particles do not escape

The ECG purifier cleans the air in your living room or bedroom really thoroughly. It is equipped for this purpose with top three level and four-layer filtration, which captures even the smallest particles of dust, pollen or smoke.

The filtration of our purifier also includes active carbon and a highly effective HEPA filter H13.

It adapts to the space

Our air purifier can precisely adapt its operation to the conditions prevailing in your home. In addition to offering 4 different fan speeds it also has an air quality sensor and automatic mode. The cooperation of these features ensures that you don't have to set anything complicated – the device in automatic mode works exactly as required by the current quality of the surrounding air.

It does not interfere with work or rest

One of the advantages of the ECG AP3 Pure Comfort air purifier is also its quiet operation. The noise level of this device is between 25 and 58 dB, so you can focus on your activities while it is in operation. You have undisturbed surrounding for work, fun with the family and thanks to special night mode even for sleep.

The reliable operation of the air purifier is ensured by the high-quality DC motor with power consumption of 33 W.

Controls are in your hands

The operation of the air purifier is always firmly in your hands. You can use the touch control, the included remote control or a mobile phone or tablet to turn on the device and set everything you need. The device can simply be connected to wireless Wi-Fi network and then controlled using an application in a smart device (the purifier is compatible with the Smart Life application).

The user friendliness of the purifier is assisted by the practical filter replacement indicator or the built-in display with a clear showing of temperature and air humidity. A neat feature is also the timer function that allows you to adjust the air purifying time to your current needs.