Cooler box

ECG AC 3021 HC Dual

Cooler box

  • 28 liters inner volume
  • Dual power supply - car socket compatible or use in standard socket
  • Cooling / Heating function
  • Eco function, energy class F


Portable refrigerator which cools and warms

Portable refrigerator ECG AC 3021 HC Dual is suitable for vacation, for the beach or for a longer car trip. It will come in handy wherever there is no electricity and you would like to enjoy chilled drinks or keep a snack in the cold. However, this does not end the use of the refrigerator. Besides cooling (COLD) it has also available heating function (HOT), and you can heat your lunch in it.

Thanks to a capacity of 28 l, you can store chilled drinks or snacks for the whole family in the refrigerator. The ECG AC 3021 HC Dual can cool food up to 20 °C below normal ambient temperature. The heating capacity can increase by up to 65 °C compared to an ambient temperature of 25 °C. You can easily set the COLD and HOT functions using the switch control on the back of the refrigerator. You can use the program ECO for maximum energy saving.

Refreshing drinks even during a long drive

When handling the contents of the refrigerator, the lid can be adjusted so that it does not fall using the two-position adjustable handle. The lid is also equipped with a safety lock.

The advantage of the cooling box is its high quality lightweight construction thanks to which it weighs only 4.4 kg. A practical indicator light informs you about the operation. A designated space is used to store the power cord.

The option of a dual type of power supply is an above standard option of the ECG AC 3021 HC Dual travel refrigerator. You can use the classic power supply from the 220-240 V from the electrical outlet. A 12V power supply will come in handy on the road, so you can connect the refrigerator to the cigarette lighter socket in your car.

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