ECG 40 F05T2S2


  • 40 inch (101 cm) diagonal
  • Great Full HD resolution
  • Support of terrestrial broadcasting, satellite and cable
  • 3 HDMI ports for easy connection of other devices
  • The option of playing movies from a USB flash drive


Popular shows in Full HD

Get an LED TV ECG 40 F05T2S2 for you living room and watch your favourite programs in top Full HD quality. Whether you like Hollywood movies or prefer sports broadcasts, you can enjoy everything down to the smallest detail on the 40-inch screen. You can also count on a high-quality sound – it will be provided by stereo speakers with 2× 8 W power.

In order that you can place at home the new TV set exactly where you want it, the ECG 40 F05T2S2 has available a stable stand and can also be mounted on a wall (using VESA 200 × 200 standard).

3 ways to receive TV programs

Since our LED TV is equipped with a triple tuner, you can tune in your favourite programs in three different ways. The digital broadcast signal can come from a classic antenna (standard DVB-T2 with modern coding H.265/HEVC), from a satellite (DVB-S2) and from the cable box (DVB-C). Just choose the method you prefer and the fun can start.

Add more devices

Play a movie from a flash drive

The connectors of the ECG 40 F05T2S2 include also two USB ports, which further expand the functionality of the device. Through them, you can connect a portable flash drive with movies, photos or other multimedia to the device and then play them directly on the 40-inch TV screen.